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By Gregory C. Stallings, Manuel Asensi, Carl Good

The essays during this assortment study philosophical, spiritual and literary or inventive texts utilizing methodologies and insights that experience grown out of mirrored image on literature and art.


An interdisciplinary number of essays offering a clean tackle the debates referring to idealism and materialism, transcendence and immanence. Read more...

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Or else, as Bataille puts it, “if he chooses, he can become humble, poor, and—in God—enjoy his humility and poverty. He pictures God and himself succumbing to the desire for incompletion, the desire to be human and poor, and to die in torment” (G, ).  At the same time, this can become an intensifying feedback loop: one can enhance one’s humility by adding to one’s sense of wretchedness the fact that one is pridefully identifying with God. And what makes this dissatisfaction interesting—satisfying, even, in its own painful way—is the pull of and against this desire for satisfaction, for completion.

Each writer, I hope to have shown, bears witness to a special sacredness at the heart of the profane. But in each instance the mutual transfiguring of the material into the mystical is anything but sacrificial; it is not about expiatory victims sacrificed to redeem sins and appease an omnipotent father. The sacramental aesthetic of Proust and Woolf is far removed from an economy of penalty and compensation. indb 32 ■ Richard Kearney 9/20/13 10:29:41 AM into the heart of finite flesh, so that the birth of the child as incarnate historical being attests to the demise of the Immutable Monarch of the Universe.

Learning to perish is learning to relive. “By dint of repetition,” he says, “this fear had gradually been transformed into a calm confidence. So that if in those early days, as we have seen, the idea of death had cast a shadow over my loves . . the remembrance of love had helped me not to fear death. ” Invoking the classic scriptural passage about the seed dying in order to flourish, Marcel’s authorial self now faces the possibility of being posthumously reborn as another, as one of those many harbingers of new life, epitomized by Mlle de Saint Loup or, more generally, by his future readers.

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