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By Helmut Faissner (auth.), H. Faissner, H. Reithler, P. Zerwas (eds.)

Commencing of the Conference.- Welcome.- beginning of the Neutrino convention in Aachen on June eight, 1976.- Grußwort des Rektors der RWTH Aachen.- 1. New Particles.- 1.1 in Neutrino Interactions.- New positive aspects of Neutrino Physics as saw in Fermilab Exp. 1A.- Charged present Differential Distributions within the Caltech-Fermilab v-Experiment.- look for Charmed Hadrons in Gargamelle.- the hunt for brand new Phenomena with Neutrinos at Fermilab.- Neutrino caused ?- e+ occasions and the appeal Hypothesis.- additional look for Muonic Pairs within the Neutrino and Antineutrino Beams on the IHEP 70 GeV Accelerator.- Dilepton construction by means of Neutrinos in Neon.- attraction and Particle creation in Neutrino Interactions.- A Neutrino brought on Dilepton occasion within the ANL 12 Foot Bubble Chamber.- 1.2 New debris in robust Interactions.- Anomalous Lepton construction in Hadronic Collisions.- allure seek in 19 GeV/c ?- p specific Reactions.- appeal seek in p-N Collisions.- look for “Charm” in Nuclear Emulsion.- look for Charmed debris in 14.75 GeV/c p?p Interactions.- Direct Muon construction in Proton-Nucleus Collisions at 70, 50 and 35 GeV.- Longitudinal Polarization Measurements on Direct Muons Produced in Proton-Nucleus Collisions.- 1.3 New debris in Electromagnetic Interactions.- Interpretation of Anomalous e? occasions Produced in e+ e- Annihilation.- statement of latest debris in e+ e- Annihilation at SPEAR.- New effects from DORIS.- 1.4 New debris in Cosmic Ray Experiments.- Cosmic Ray statement Deep Underground and additional research of the facts for the construction of recent Particles.- 2. vulnerable impartial Currents.- 2.1 Lepton-Lepton Interactions and Atomic Physics.- Detection of v?e-e Scattering.- dimension of Muon-Neutrino and Antineutrino Scattering off Electrons.- merely Leptonic Currents.- Parity Violation in Atoms and Implications for Unified versions of susceptible and Electromagnetic Interactions.- 2.2 Semihadronic susceptible impartial Currents (Experimental).- impartial present prompted Reactions within the Gargamelle Experiment.- Muonless ?0-Production by means of Muon-Neutrinos and -Antineutrinos.- A dimension of the impartial present Coupling in Neutrino Inclusive Reactions.- Space-Time constitution of the vulnerable impartial Current.- commentary of Elastic Neutrino and Antineutrino Scattering and Parity Violation within the susceptible Hadronic impartial Current.- contemporary effects from Counter-Spark Chamber ? scan at BNL.- impartial present Interactions in Hydrogen and Deuterium.- The features of impartial present Interactions of Neutrinos in Hydrogen utilizing the Fermilab 15-ft. Bubble Chamber and exterior Muon Identifier.- three. Deep Inelastic Lepton Nucleon Interactions.- 3.1 via susceptible Charged Currents.- Scaling Variable Distributions for Neutrino-Proton Interactions within the Fermilab 15-ft. Bubble Chamber with exterior Muon Identifier.- Scaling Variable Distributions for Antineutrino-Nucleon Scattering within the 15-ft. Bubble Chamber at Fermilab.- Charged present ? and ?? Interactions in Hydrogen and Deuterium.- overall pass Sections and built-in constitution services for Neutrino Interactions.- dimension of an efficient Quark Mass from Inclusive Neutrino and Antineutrino Nucleon Reactions.- Quasi-Elastic Neutrino Scattering and the Axial Vector shape Factor.- 3.2 Electromagnetic Lepton-Nucleon Interactions.- Deep Inelastic Charged Lepton-Nucleon Scattering.- Inelastic Charged-Lepton Scattering off Nucleons.- 3.3 Quarks.- the normal Quark Picture.- Bag Models.- box Theoretic types of Quark Confinement.- 3.4 Panel dialogue on Quarks.- In Memoriam W. Heisenberg.- Memorial consultation for Werner Heisenberg — Introduction.- In Memoriam W. Heisenberg.- four. Theory.- 4.1 vulnerable and Electromagnetic Interactions.- Quarks and Partons.- houses of impartial Currents.- Open difficulties in vulnerable interplay Theory.- 4.2 Symmetries of Leptons and Hadrons.- attraction is Found.- Charmed Particle Production.- damaged colour Symmetry and vulnerable Currents.- Vectorlike Interactions of Leptons and Quarks.- Lepton-Hadron Unification.- 4.3 Neutrino Astrophysics.- Neutrino delivery in Collapsing Stars.- sun Neutrinos — Cosmological Neutrinos.- excessive power Neutrinos from Supernova Explosion and Davis’ Experiment.- five. homes of Leptons.- checking out the Muon quantity Conservation legislations in ??? + e- Interactions at excessive Energies.- adjustments of Symmetries in Neutrino Reactions.- dimension of the 3H Spectrum Aiming to enhance the higher restrict for the Antineutrino relaxation Mass.- a brand new restrict for the Electron Stability.- prestige of the U.C. Irvine Double Beta Decay Experiment.- Neutrino balance — Inverse sq. Test.- 6. destiny Projects.- generating great impartial Intermediate Vector Bosons with current Accelerators.- DUMAND: the sea as a Neutrino Detector.- 7. precis Talk.- prestige of Accelerator Neutrino Physics.- eight. Public Lecture.- Public Lecture on Neutrino Physics.- Neutrinos als Sonden zur Erforschung des Mikrokosmos.- nine. Anhang.- Der Dom zu Aachen.- Johann Sebastian Bach: Jesu, meine Freude, BWV 227 (1723).- checklist of individuals.

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Lutz: We lose KL, and the neutral decay mode of KS is not accepted in the final sample. Thus the overall detection efficiency is low. 41 THE SEARCH FOR NEW PHENOMENA WITH NEUTRINOS AT FERMI LAB 8erkeley-CE R N-Hawaii-Wisconsin Collaboration t Presented by J. von Krogh, Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53706 1. Introduction Recently, neutrino reactions with two muons in the final state have been observed in electronic experiments at Fermilab. LX'. -A + X L e+veX'.

Phys. Rev. Letters 35, 1199 (1975). c. A. , Phys. Rev. Letters 35, 1249 (1975); Phys. Rev. Letters 35, 1203 (1975). J. , Phys. Letters60B, 207 (1976); J. , Phys. Rev. Letters 36,710 (1975). A. , Phys. Rev. Letters 33,984 (1974). [9] [10] [11] A. , Nuc!. Instrum. Methods 125,447 (1975); Nuc!. Instrum. Methods 125, 457 (1975). A. Pais and S. B. Treiman, Phys. Rev. Letters 35, 1206 (1975). V. Barger and R. J. N. Phillips, Phys. Rev. Letters 36,1226 (1976). A. , Anomalies in v, v Interactions, Report at the Vanderbilt Conference (1976); A.

Parker, M. Peters, V. Peterson, V. Stenger, U. Camerini, D. Cline, W. F. Fry, 1. von Krogh, R. J. Loveless, 1. Mapp, R. H. March, D. D. Reeder. H. Faissner, H. Reithler, P. l: Proceedings of the I nternational Neutrino Conference Aachen 1976 42 J. von Krogh: The Search for New Phenomena with Neutrinos Thus, positrons and electrons are identified in the liquid of the bubble chamber and muons are identified in the EMI. Neutral strange particles are identified, as in any bubble chamber, through their decays A ~ n-P and KO ~ n-n+.

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