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Dispeling myths approximately shark assaults and delivering proof approximately shark conservation and the background of shark-human interplay, this advisor comprehensively overturns negative and destructive perceptions of sharksThoroughly researched and written in transparent, jargon-free prose via a shark "outsider," it unearths every little thing approximately those subtle guardians of the oceans. The shark has been the planet's dominant predator for thousands of years. yet in exactly 50 years all sharks became threatened by way of human job; sufferers of a dangerous mixture of overfishing, pollutants, and the destruction in their habitats. even though medical wisdom of sharks is expanding speedily, there's nonetheless a lot to profit approximately those complicated and elusive animals—and for lots of species it could possibly already be too overdue. regardless of this, within the renowned mind's eye sharks stay poorly understood and, all too usually, despised. This ebook stands up for sharks—big or small, frightening or innocuous.

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Shark: In Peril in the Sea

Dispeling myths approximately shark assaults and providing evidence approximately shark conservation and the historical past of shark-human interplay, this advisor comprehensively overturns negative and harmful perceptions of sharksThoroughly researched and written in transparent, jargon-free prose by means of a shark "outsider," it finds every thing approximately those refined guardians of the oceans.

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Sometimes, with me on his back, Kai’a would go down and come up close to the older sharks and reach out slowly with a hand to pick off barnacles that had encrusted their eyes. Such a build up of barnacles could eventually blind the old animals. They somehow trusted him and allowed him to do the cleaning. The great yellow eyes stared at us, floating inches from us as Kai’a picked away at the hard material that was often covered with limu. It must have hurt the sharks at least a little. They moved around slowly like a herd of cattle in a corral.

The snood, or cord of attachment, was frequently made of coconut sennit—braided strands of fibre. 16 Stone sinkers were attached to catch bottom feeders. The practical importance of these artefacts, and their value to their owners, is evident in this 1888 observation: ‘Fishing, moreover, seems to be one of the principal industries of Trobriand, shark fishing in 32 SHARK particular being practiced. 18 The most amazing, though, was shark calling: the art of luring a shark to a canoe by use of sound and then coaxing it into a snare.

There is now a lake in the middle of Niuafo’ou where that mountain was at. These ghosts were taking the mountain by pulling it to Samoa. When they passed Niuatoputapu, Seketoa saw what they were doing. He sent his matapules to go near the ghosts and crow like roosters. Seketoa’s plan was to fool the ghosts so that they would think it was almost morning. Then they would leave the mountain where it was at and hurry home to Samoa. When the Samoan ghosts heard the matapules of Seketoa crowing they said to themselves, ‘Hurry, it is almost morning’ and then they started to pull the mountain even harder.

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