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Thus, in Y. 17-21, the powers induced by the intoxicating drink are described, among which are victory in battles, bodily strength, and longevity. Other parts, however, are linked with the mythological and legendary history of Iran. This is quite typical of Avestan hymns to deities. Thus, in Y. 1-13, the mythical sacrificers are listed, starting with Yima and ending with Zarathustra’s father! Other similarities between the Rigvedic Soma and the Avestan Haoma concern the description of the plant.

At the death of Alexander the empire quickly disintegrated. Alexander’s generals, who became governors of the various parts of the Achaemenid empire, had taken Iranian wives, and their offspring was therefore partly Iranian. Thus Seleucus’s son and successor was Antiochus I (ca. 280-262). P. O. ” The potential importance of this titulature should not be underestimated. There is a long tradition in Iran of new kings inaugurating new dynasties who considered themselves as having conquered the Evil Spirit himself and thus considered themselves as saviors and inaugurators of the era of the Perfectioning (Renovation), predicted in the Avesta.

These statements of the Achaemenid kings announce their knowledge, praise of Ahuramazdâ and his work, blame of the followers of the Lie, and his purpose, and thus serve to uphold the Order of the land. By his announcement, the king states his identity and his side in the battle against evil. Thus, in the Bisotun inscription, we have, put simply: • the king’s self-presentation by stating his name and his ancestry (cf. DNa 8-15). • a statement about the king’s appurtenance to Ahura Mazdâ, who bestowed the royal command upon him.

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