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Opposed to the backdrop of seventeenth-century China, this distinct new creation follows a Confucian couple, including their relations, neighbors, and employees, via a standard day. the end result deals a desirable perception into the highbrow, scholarly, and sensible features of Confucianism.

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In fact, a cultured person had to know the correct ritual for every situation.

It was the empathy that was missing in the analysis and his feelings and will. Of course, you cannot force the human will to be empathetic. To be empathetic demands a quality of ethical calmness that takes the time to try to see why the other person is acting or feeling as they are. As a magistrate, Dr. Li knew this so well; without empathy you could do very little for people. Confucius had taught that you should treat those below you in status as you would like to be treated by those above you, and you should, likewise, treat those above you just like you would like your subordinates to treat you.

Actually, all the great Confucian teachers agreed that the honoring of the nature and the path of query and study could not be separated. The hermeneutic circle was linked. Some perhaps needed more reflection on the will and others needed the discipline of textual study. Dr. Li preferred to combine both methods in his own quiet-sitting. Following another common self-cultivation practice, Dr. Li consulted a small book that he kept in his study. It was like a diary and in fact each day he did write a short entry.

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