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The vanishing slope of the streamlines remote from the jet at x/R = 0 and r > R in Fig. 5 is due to the co-flow boundary condition. The velocity at this position, however, is only 5 % of the jet axial velocity, so that the influence on the region of interest is negligible. This is also visible in Fig. 14. The swirling jet spreads radially outwards much faster than in the case of a non-swirling jet (Akselvoll & Moin, 1996). In the far field downstream of the recirculation zone, the relevant motions are much slower than in the near field.

In the inertial subrange, the Smagorinsky model is, by construction, consistent with the known inertial-range scaling laws. 2. 10: Influence of the SGS model. 0 (top to bottom as indicated in the rightmost column). Solid line, H2; dashed line, H4; symbols, experimental data from B¨uchner & Petsch (2004). Left, axial velocity, /Ub . Right, radial ve/Ub . Centre, tangential velocity, urms urms θ x rms locity, ur /Ub . model structure but adds adjustment of the Smagorinsky coefficient. If the grid is fine enough to resolve the large scale motion, so that the unresolved motions lie in the inertial sub-range, the Smagorinsky model should be good enough to obtain satisfactory results.

Both were well predicted in the simulations. The mean velocities and the turbulent fluctuations were also found to be in good agreement with the experimental data. 26 3 LES of a turbulent unconfined annular swirling jet. In this chapter the numerical simulation of the near field of a turbulent unconfined annular swirling jet is presented. This configuration is considered as the reference configuration in the remaining parts of the thesis. In this chapter, first, the experimental configuration is introduced.

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