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Methods and Applications of Inversion

This selection of convention papers describes state of the art methodologies and algorithms utilized in the remedy of inverse difficulties, targeting seismology and picture processing. The papers additionally describe new basic methodologies for research and answer of inverse difficulties via statistical and deterministic algorithms.

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Note that the dependent function is now Gibbs' free energy G corresponding to the variables (T, p, N1, N2). Constant pressure in the column eliminates the second row and column. Next we recombine the molar quantities N1 and N2 into the total amount of material, N = N 1 + N2 and the molar fraction of compo- 24 nent used nate cess. 1, x = N1/(N1 + N2) (in the liquid phase, the letter y is traditionally for the vapor phase). The purpose is once again to effectively elimione variable, N since it only describes the total scaling of the proThe metric matrix for the liquid is now down to f -GTT 0 0 0 - GN1N2 N2 0 MuL(T, x, N) = x(1-x) 0 0 (21) 0 with an equivalent expression for the vapor.

12] J. S. Rowlinson: '%iquids and liquid mixtures", Plenum, New York (1969). Inversion of Seismic AVO Data Torben Bach 1, Thomas B. Espersen 1, Jacob M. Pedersen l, Richard Hinkley2, William R. Pillet3 and Klaus B. , 157 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 1. Introduction The combination of AVO (Amplitude variation Versus Offset) analysis and seismic inversion gives new possibilities for fluid detection and lithology prediction. Inversion of seismic AVO data for physical properties enables direct lithological interpretation.

On a strictly formal basis we could also recall that the energy and entropy metrics are related through MU = - T M s [9] and thus quickly arrive at the dissipation between trays n and n+l, from eq. ,* L- w ! F i g u r e 4. Sketch of an equal-thermodynamic-distance distillation column with feed, distillate, and waste (bottoms) rates F, D, W as in the traditional colmnn Fig. 1, but with heating or cooling on all n trays. Cr= V [ y C I V + ( 1 - y ) C2V] - G v TV2 (dy~ 2 NIN 2 y(-~-y)~dT) TL 2 (~_~) 2 + L [ x C1 a + (l-x) C2I~ - GN1N2 a x(1-x) , (30) and where all quantities are related to the particular tray n, and Dindicates the difference between trays n and i1+1.

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