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By Richard van Leeuwen

This quantity discusses The Thousand and One Nights' issues of area and shuttle showing how they're used not just as a surroundings within which the tale unfolds, but additionally because the dynamic strength which propels the heroes and the tale to the ultimate dénouement. those occasions frequently characterize a strategy of transformation, during which the hero has to go looking for his destined position or attempt to realize the article of his wish. during this approach, subject matters of go back and forth are the narrative spine of news of assorted genres together with love, faith, magic and experience. This booklet not just offers a clean method of many tales of the gathering, but in addition proposes new insights within the nature of The Thousand and one Nights as a self-reflexive narrative and is vital analyzing for students of Arabic literature.

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Ala-h. al-Dı-n given by Ibn Jubayr shows, this authority was not limited by an official border, but rather gradually faded away as the distance from the capital increased. Geographical divisions in the political sense were vague and consisted of alternating cores and peripheral zones. Moreover, where borders were upheld, they were of a fiscal rather than of a political nature. 22 Travelling, boundaries and narratives These observations seem to confirm those made above concerning the representation of borders in fictional narratives: borders were integrated into the centres of power and were only vaguely projected into geographical space; also political and ethnic boundaries often coincided with natural boundaries.

In each of the stories the hero crosses a boundary dividing different realms - of creation, H . asib by opening the tile of the underground crypt, Buluqiya by falling asleep on an island and by crossing the Seven Seas, and Jansha-h by losing his way at sea and by entering the forbidden door in the castle of sheykh Nas- r. In all three cases, the heroes leave the regular human world and enter a kind of ‘underworld’ which is on several occasions explicitly linked to the figure of King Solomon. The castle of Solomon, the sorcerers instructing Ja-nsha-h, the tablets with instructions by Solomon, the grave of Solomon, are all focal points in a space which has once been reigned over by the legendary king and which is now taken care of by guardians of various kinds.

As in the case of the desert, the ‘smooth’ character of the sea is not just adventurous, it almost equals the borderline between life and death. The separation between the two domains is realized especially by shipwreck. In every storm the effects of the domain not being striated are continued on land, where Sindba-d meets the wonders and dangers that confirm the heterogeneity of space. From his second voyage onwards, it is this heterogeneity which becomes Sindba-d’s true incentive to travel. It is the call of nomad space, the wonder that has opened Sindba-d’s mind to the true nature of the world, which provokes in him the desire to travel.

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