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By Luc Ferry

A desirable new trip via Greek mythology that explains the myths' undying classes and meaning

Heroes, gods, and mortals. The Greek myths are the founding narratives of Western civilization: to appreciate them is to grasp the origins of philosophy, literature, artwork, technology, legislations, and extra. certainly, as Luc Ferry indicates during this masterful e-book, they continue to be an exceptional shop of knowledge, as suitable to our lives this present day as ever prior to. No mere legends or clichés ("Herculean task," "Pandora's box," "Achilles heel," etc.), those vintage tales supply profound and manifold classes, offering the 1st sustained try to solution primary human questions bearing on "the sturdy life," the weight of mortality, and the way to discover one's position on this planet. Vividly retelling the nice stories of mythology and illuminating clean new methods of knowing them, The knowledge of the Myths will enlighten readers of every age.

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